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Department introduction

The key points of teaching and training

The Department of Hospitality Management was established in 2012. Students are trained to become hospitality industry talents that have professional knowledge and practical training. The teaching and training of the department focus in the following,

  1. To train students with the basic professional knowledge and skills of hospitality management.
  2. To strengthen the communication ability of students.
  3. To develop the ability of management and innovation.
  4. To cultivate the personality of professional service ethics and health care.

Teaching characteristics

  • Industry teachers collaborate to teach.
  • Invite foreign chefs to demonstrate
  • rovide practical training and multi-practical internship courses.
  • Combining professional hospitality management knowledge
  • Focus on corporate practice learning, cooperate with industry and strengthen student practical experience.
  • Participate to competitions for competitive exchange learning opportunities
  • Focus on participating in competition to increase students’ learning opportunity
  • Focus on taking certification to increase students’competitiveness
  • Provide a high-quality environment, equipment, and a multi-functional cooking classroom (Chinese and Western cuisine and baking), a simulate hotel, a bartending classroom and a demonstration classroom. Students have a perfect environment and equipment similar to industry's workplace.

About us



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