Student Career Development Assistance

  • Arranging lectures in the industry to lectures
  • Arranging class tutors, apprentice tutors, dual tutor system to care student career development
  • Arrange for seniors' workplace internship experience, and cooperate with domestic and foreign well-known hospitality industry and education (Internship companies include, Wowprime, Din Tai Fung, TaiChung Millennium Hotel, National Hotel, Taichung The Lin Hotel, Taichung Evergreen Laurel Hotel, The Westin Taipei, etc,.), let students experience the actual operation and explore the future voluntary trends to strengthen the competition in the future job market.
  • After graduation, you can apply for the study of domestic restaurants and research institutes and foreign sister schools.

Develop professional talents in the field of Hospitality

This course is based on the management of food and beverage management, and is taught by professional courses such as food management, food and beverage information, human resources, hospitality sales, food and beverage procurement, financial analysis, food and beverage accounting, service quality and banquet management.

Advancement in the academic field

Students of this course can further apply for a higher degree in the relevant research institutes of the hospitality, or go abroad to study related research institutes, Boban and Master.Related departments such as the China Food and Beverage Management Institute, Tourism Research Institute, Leisure Recreation Research Institute, Life Applied Science Research Institute, Enterprise Management Research Institute, Business Management Research Institute or Human Resource Management Research Institute, etc., or abroad to study, such as Switzerland hospitality school.

Employment path

  1. Tourism service industry grassroots or mid-level management reserve talents or department heads can be employed by international companies such as international tourist hotels, business hotels, leisure hotel, B&B, chain restaurants, clubs, travel agencies, hospitality management consultants, etc. , or the relevant government units to hold public office.
  2. Conference and exhibition planning and marketing management professionals.
  3. Professional preparation for meal preparation and opening planning.
  4. Teacher of high school, vocational catering, and sightseeing related departments.
  5. Become a business owner.

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