International Cooperation:

The College of Tourism and Hospitality has collaborated with the Greoire Ferrandi High School of Culinary Arts in France, the Glion Hotel Management School in Switzerland, the ALMA Baking Cooking School in Italy, and the Paris University of Paris Management School (ESH), Oklahoma State University, University of Birmingham, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong VTC, etc.


Rooted in the Local and International Integration

The College of Tourism and Hospitality cooperates with international universities by international exchanges and teachers. The professional teachers are invited from the cooperative universities each year. The modular courses in Taiwan are linked to foreign school courses that can integrate with the international curriculum.


International elite school and Double Degree

The College of Tourism and Hospitality in DaYeh University has a double degree system with well-known international universities for advanced learning. Students study at DaYeh University, and then go to a cooperative university to complete their studies. Upon graduation, they can have two degree from both schools.

Australia Overseas Internship

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